Thursday, April 29, 2010

~~am i?

over expecting u..?
what u have done reali out of my expectation..
i hope time can bring me back to d old days..
arh....i cant read ur mind...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

*ice kacang puppy love*

i would say it's reali a nice local product..
i enjoy d movie very very much..
sometime i even cry when something bad happened on aniu..
*hahah....too emotional*
u wouldn't get bored even their jz talking or remain silent..
strongly recommened this movie..
i noticed d small bridge in that movie..
which they used it as d poster..
it's so small that everytime when thet are having their sceen there..
i would afriad aniu will drop into d so called sea..
but, at the end he still drop into d water..
see,my prediction so zhun..
1 thing i regret is..
i 4gt 2 look 4 chao ge's son
chao san feng....
now,would like 2 talk abt my exam..
which is officially end on this tuesday (27 april 2010)
nothing special..
study like a nerd during study week..
then sit 4 1 week exam..
actually i hate d exam schedule..
it's so pack that i couldn't get enough sleep..everyday!!!
so, i jz look like a zombie during the whole exam week..
after my last theory paper on friday..
i managed 2 go out with ahki..
*sorry to my frend,i tot u gt ur plan*
i enjoy my time with him..
then, i back to my study on saturday...'s so diff compared to sem1..
too much thing i have to memorize which i never touch a single page during my study week..
so, i jz simply swallowed d whole thing...
tues 27 april..
as what i expected..
i could hardly do half of the questions in a total of 25 stations...
ahizz...i hope i could get some mark from there lar..popi popi...
1 thing that worth 2 share is>>aseptic hand washing station
ahha..when d examiner pour d grow germ on my hand..
i duno what is that and i even ask her..
haizz...i was so stupid that i perform my aseptic technique in order to spread to grow germ on my hand equally!!!!!!it's GROW GERM!!!!
stupidy,u realli stupid lar...... the end..i failed that station...
pbl7..we r so pity..
d station that we didn't go during the practical station come out in d OSPE...
shit the person...
haizzzz....end here..